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Modern platform to ease data trustee functions around loan-level data and structured finance transactions.



Optimised Operations and Costs

  • Systematic and automated loan-level data collection.
  • Automate covenant maintenance and monitoring into streamlined workflows.


Zero Spreadsheet and Email Risk

  • Eliminate cumbersome portfolio management using spreadsheets and hidden losses arising from these workflows.
  • Avoid risking data leaks around emailing pool data. Have revocable access to shared pools or sub-sections of pools.
  • Access and query reported data through a simple-to-use visual portal.


End-to-end Scalable Platform

  • Secure, compliant private data repository with analytics.
  • Accurate bond-level analytics derived from clean loan-level data.        
  • Modernise client and stakeholder communications.


Flexible Transaction Modeling

  • Data repository with waterfall calculation capabilities provide 360 degree coverage.
  • Rich cashflow-level historical data repository.
Why now


Beyond excel

Avoid all the pitfalls of using spreadsheets for loan-level data, transaction modeling and sharing of information. Avoid the risk and fines associated with fragile spreadsheet-based infrastructure. Alterest is a modern system for asset-level data collaboration and analytics no matter the size or granularity of the collateral pool.


With the all-in-all nature of the Alterest platform, you’re able to move over entire workflow of your team and external parties such as borrowers onto a seamless platform. With Alterest, all participants get access to a shared workspace controlled by customisable workflows for interaction around data and documents. 

Why now


STS (Simple, Transparent and Standardised) Securitisations

Comply with transparency requirements with ultimate ease. Leverage Alterest’s AI-Powered repository module to bring data seamlessly and use the Multi-Stakeholder module to share data with all stakeholders on a regular or adhoc basis.

CRR (Capital Requirements Regulation) Compliance

In addition to STS, use of the Alterest platform easily enables aggregation underlying exposures from multiple facilities and transactions to be able to accurately use look-through approaches by being able to identify and merge end-borrowers on loan pools.

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