$2bn+ investment firm automates accounting and budget forecasting.

Complicated process behind shadowing calculations and forecasting on several funds making up the large AUM of the investment firm brought down to few minutes a month as opposed to several days in the past.
US Credit Investment Firm

Key Improvements

40+ hours saved per month through digitized workflows

Automated regulatory requirements related to shadow accounting

Accurate management fee forecasting for better fundraising

Alterest’s flexible platform enables the investment firm to meet investor due diligence and regulatory requirements of rigorous operational processes through automated workflows.


$2+ billion AUM private debt investment firm based in New York automates management fee calculations, shadow fee verification and revenue projections with further applications to portfolio monitoring on a global portfolio of lender finance and specialty lending.


Processes dominated by spreadsheets consumed critical man-hours for a fast-growing investment firm. Automation of various operational activities was critical to leverage resources optimally and comply with regulations effortlessly.


Automation of Management Fee Calculations and Shadow Fee Reconciliations

A process that involved 10+ spreadsheets and intense manual effort was reduced to a simple upload of a file downloaded from the fund administrator website without alterations. 40+ hours spent each week with manual adjustments to spreadsheets was brought down to less than 5 minutes of work.

Budgeting Forecasting and Improved Fund Performance

Forecasting any scenarios for each fund using Alterest’s workflow application capability enables the investment firm to be prepared well in advance and react to changing market conditions swiftly. These internal decision-making tools provide access to accurate and current data. Timely access to this information empowers the fund’s management with decision-making capabilities and enables them to articulate its competitive advantage to allocators.


Portfolio Management

Alterest’s flexible platform helps the investment manager in a holistic manner, supporting both accounting operations and also portfolio management. This provides one unified system where all data can be used in a cohesive manner to drive key decisions, investment and regulatory compliance.

Robust Operational Infrastructure and Reporting for Allocators

Elimination of spreadsheets and manual steps along with automation establish a robust operational infrastructure. The shadow accounting and automated reconciliation infrastructure provide oversight and transparency while signaling the presence of robust internal control. Reporting to allocators is also streamlined using the Alterest platform’s features to design and output custom-designed outputs.

White Glove Quantitative Support

Alterest’s dedicated customer support augments the platform’s rich capabilities with a domain-specific support team which proactively collaborates with the fund to expand the applicability of the platform within its business and ensure customer success. The Alterest support team was able to work with the client to come up with an appropriate forecasting mechanism and also implement other workflows without much guidance beyond referring to already-created spreadsheets.

Key Improvements

  • 40+ hours saved per month through digitized workflows
  • Automated regulatory requirements related to shadow accounting
  • Accurate management fee forecasting for better fundraising

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