Our Mission

To make markets function better

Alterest was born out of the realisation that the world of credit is evolving rapidly and data about the real economy is being created at an even faster pace. But systems and platforms to collaborate or harness this information are archaic, being done mostly on spreadsheets and email. We gained our first enterprise customers in 2017 and since then have supported the most active and innovative institutional investors and arrangers to the burgeoning lending and fintech sector in Europe and beyond.

We're privately backed by venture capitalists, bankers and successful entrepreneurs. We're building an end-to-end, seamless data and financial technology platform that works equally well for a cross-section of market participants such as lending platforms, capital providers, originators, servicers and advisors. Our goal is simple: to make these markets function as smoothly as possible through a collaborative platform that is capable of sophisticated computational finance and analytics. We believe that products that bring deep insights will enable investors, originators and platforms to transact at a faster pace and more efficiently. We envision a world free of spreadsheets and emails, where sharing, collaboration and understanding of large, non-standard datasets of assets and borrowers happen effortlessly and accurately. We envision better financial markets.

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Our Five Core Values

We're on a mission

We are here to make the markets function better. We’re here to contribute to a better world. Building enterprise financial technology is not easy. It’s hard, and that’s precisely why we love doing it. This takes grit and we’re committed to our team, clients and the market. We lead from the trenches and make things happen.

We build simple products to
solve hard problems

We solve hard problems, problems that are widespread, complex and typically ignored by others. But we build solutions that are simple and easy to use. We enable our customers to achieve success, free up time, effort and expenses, penetrate new opportunities and reduce risk.

Customer is our priority

We’re doing this for our customers. We go above and beyond to make sure they are happy. We create value for them in their everyday job and for their businesses through our products and interactions. By doing this we propagate the value created to the wider market and community.

Sincerity underpins our work

Respect, sincerity and transparency underpin all our work and interactions, internal and external. We are always professional with our customers, community and colleagues. We exercise transparency, take ownership and are accountable individually and collectively for our work. We are open and sincere even when things go wrong and when we make mistakes, seeking every opportunity to learn and improve.

We are a great team

We understand that great products are built by great teams, not individuals. We communicate well, help each other grow and set our colleagues up for success. We have thoughtful disagreements and challenge each other for the best solution to the problem. Even when we differ, we stick by each other once a decision is made.

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Our team

From the largest hedge funds to top consulting companies and fintechs, we come from leading financial institutions and startups combined with 5+ years of Alterest's own in-the-trenches experience with pioneering customers, helping bring proven best practices to your business.


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Industry Recognition

Award-winning, industry solutions delivered through world-class technology

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Join Our Team

We're a global team with hubs in London and Bangalore. Our team is diverse. Our culture is that of transparency, agile execution and continuous improvement. Together with this, we foster an environment that is collaborative and inclusive.We're looking for enthusiastic people who can build or sell technology (or do both!) We have open roles in engineering and sales. Come join us.

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