London-based pan-UK innovative bridging lender completely digitizes loan servicing and investor relations as it takes on institutional funding.

Alterest delivers the modeling layer to replicate bespoke loan servicing and investor returns combined with the application layer to eliminate spreadsheets from operations.
Steve McQuillen
Product Manager at Webflow
Bridging Lender

Key Improvements

100+ hours saved per month through digitized workflows

100% critical
spreadsheets replaced

Loan and investor servicing automation

Eliminated key-man risks and manual errors

The flexibility offered by the system by Alterest enabled the full realization of the lending and servicing processes. Digitized key workflows for borrowers and investors, including institutional investors, sets up the lender for significant growth and loan book expansion.


UK-based lender scaling institutional investor base wanted to efficiently upgrade their technology while introducing investor portals, automating loan servicing and streamlining underwriting processes. Alterest is providing all these aspects, leveraging its unique model development and data app studio.


The lender’s servicing process was getting complex. Borrowers were requesting larger loans and institutional investors were interested in participating. The lender’s spreadsheet-based infrastructure was not sufficient to support such expansion. It was clear that servicing needed to be automated and support for institutional funding needed to be put in place.


Digitized Workflows Without Spreadsheets or Software Developers

The entire process of servicing and investor management was encoded onto Alterest through its modeling layer. Processes that involved 5+ spreadsheets were converted to a neat sequential workflow on the browser without the need for any software developers.

Raising from Institutional Investors and Scaling Loan Book Growth

With a robust system like Alterest in place, complicated funding structures that come coupled with institutional investors are supported. Investor portals and automated reporting enable the lender to satisfy information covenants effortlessly despite the complexity involved in the private lending process. This has positioned the lender to double the loan book size in the coming months.


Eliminated Revenue Leak, Human Errors and Investor Frustration

Replacing cumbersome, manual spreadsheet-based processes with Alterest’s workflow has led to the elimination of errors. Interest on various loan types and returns on structured investor paybacks are computed accurately. This removes any revenue leak due to wrong calculations, awkward discussions with borrowers or investors for making calculation errors, reducing investor and borrower frustrations and improving all-round business prospects.

Dedicated Support

Alterest’s dedicated customer support has augmented the platform’s rich capabilities with a domain-specific support team which proactively collaborates with the bank to expand the applicability of the platform within its business and ensure customer success. Alterest was able to support as though it was an internal quant team who understood the processes thoroughly. Bespoke loan mechanisms were realized due to Alterest’s quantitative expertise and experience supporting similar market participants. Alterest’s support team also identified and resolved existing errors and issues in current loans.

Confident Origination and Investor Onboarding

With Alterest, the lender is capable of originating without impacting operational risks and onboarding institutional investors with high due diligence and reporting requirements.

Key improvements

  • 100+ hours saved per month through digitized workflows
  • 100% critical spreadsheets replaced
  • Loan and investor servicing automation
  • Eliminated key-man risks and manual errors

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