Powering Digitized Workflows

Collaborative data science, analytics and financial modeling platform


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Zero-to-One on Day One

Go from zero data infrastructure to a fully-managed data cloud with an Alterest account. Connect, ingest, transform and create a workflow within an hour. Best option for businesses dominated by spreadsheet-based operations to supercharge digitization.

Make the Most of Existing Datawarehouses

Alterest Fabric orchestrates analytics and workflows directly on your own datawarehouse, like Redshift, Snowflake or BigQuery which means no additional infrastructure or data silo, and your data infrastructure investment and ecosystem can continue to grow.

Quickest and Cheapest Go-to-Market Route

SQL-based modeling layer with click-based workflow builder means minimal or no learning curve. Most data analysts andquants already possess this knowledge and can start digitizing your processeson Alterest with immediate ROI being realized.


Our team of experts can partner with you from strategy through execution, supporting you in everything quant, data and analytics, helping you accelerate digital transformation across your business

Secure, Rapid and 1-click Deployment

Rapid application development at fraction of the cost.

80% reduced costs
6 weeks from project start to automated workflows
Backed by the most-stringent security infrastructure

Complex Quantitative Modeling

Fabric provides the best combination of simplicity and power for quantitative modeling.

Collaborative SQL-based modeling layer with version control and Python support
Visual dependency graphs for quick iteration
Rapid business process digitization through readymade frontend components connected to the modeling layer

Up-to-date and Current Data, Always

Simplified data onboarding without need to maintain your own connectors.

Configure data processing and business rules within the modeling layer to cleanse, wrangle, organise, quality-check, quality-fix, annotate and dependency-compute data and result sets
Onboard data on spreadsheets, PDFs or other data sources easily and automate ongoing data feeds with pre-built connectors
Alterest maintains all connectors at no additional costs

State-of-the-Art Analytics Capabilities

Leverage low-cost scalable compute and storage capabilities of leading cloud datawarehouses along with latest developments in AI & Machine Learning.

Data ingestion, model execution and workflows are orchestrated directly on datawarehouses
Datawarehouses are evolving at a rapid pace with providers like AWS, Snowflake, Google, Microsoft releasing capabilites at break-neck speed. Using Alterest means you're never left behind
Customers with years of spend on building datawarehousing capabilities can simply plug-and-play with Alterest Fabric

SOC2-certified Multi-tenant Cloud Delivery Model

Simplest infrastructure complexity lets you operate without involving your technolgy teams.

Your procurement teams or security consultants will have the easiest time approving/onboarding Alterest Fabric
Latest features are available to all users at the same time - all customers operate on the same version of the software
Feedback and feature requests from the entire Alterest customer base drives product development - new capabilities are available before your team identifies the business need

The operating platform for Alterest Assist

Alterest Assist is our consulting suite that comes with the Fabric platform as professional support services to drive value for and deliver success to customers.

Raise funds, originate and evaluate deals quickly and with lesser headcount
Digitize loan servicing processes, optimize facility utilization and provide quality investor reporting
Centralize and automate portfolio and risk management
Automate finance and accounting workflows that complement investing activities
As your business matures, be ready for capital markets and regulatory compliance without breaking a sweat

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