Build vs Buy

Move from DIY to an all-in-all seamless platform. See why customers are choosing to buy Alterest instead of building a solution in-house or running their desk on spreadsheets.

Key Advantages of buying Alterest

Retain and hone competitive edge

Retain and hone competitive edge

  • Retain and improve competitive edge in originating deals and mainting high-performing portfolios, not in software development.
  • You do not need custom software to build on your competencies even in private debt or illiquid asset classes. Alterest’s configuration layer enables customisation without compromises.
  • Build your team and focus on revenue generating activities.
Leverage market best-practices

Leverage market best-practices

  • Alterest embodies feedback and best practices from the market to provide the perfect solution.
  • Our product is constantly evolving and improving, at a much faster pace than you can build in-house.
  • Through active dialogue with clients, Alterest constantly provides ideas and product use-cases to ensure you are deriving the best possible value.
Reduce operating costs

Higher savings & Reduced operating costs

  • Spend only a fraction of the cost it would take to build anything remotely close in-house.
  • Do not spend on raw infrastructure that is not essential for your core business. Leverage Alterest’s all-in-all solution.
  • Optimise cost of ownership, and do not incur unwanted expenses.

Disadvantages of building

Significant risk

Significant risk

  • Most internal IT projects fail when they are not part of the core business.
  • Internal builds suffer from high risk of non-realisation leaving you stuck with archaic tools such as spreadsheets.
  • Key persons risk is huge. In-house software is not built with the same rigour as external.
Lost opportunities

Lost opportunities

  • Focusing on building in-house can easily distract you from your core business.
  • In-house systems that “sort of work” do not let you maximise on opportunities.
  • Key staff could be finding better investment opportunities instead of doing mundane tasks.
High costs

High costs

  • Sub-optimal technology can cost you more money usually driven by errors and bad data.
  • Internal teams don’t have competitive pressure to provide the best priced or a constantly-evolving solution.
  • Failure to identify problems in portfolios without streamlined management diminishes returns.

Some of Alterest’s capabilities

Consolidate and streamline analysis
Centralised, and easy to access repository
Real time risk identification 
Automate tedious and largely manual processes

If Build vs Buy is a choice your organisation is facing, please contact our team. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information, case studies and our experience to help to support your business case.

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