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Structured Finance Deal Modeling

Alterest provides standardised procedures for ABS transactions with a modeling layer powerful enough to accurately translate any term sheet of a warehouse, securitization or structured finance deal. Migrate legacy deals or create new ones. This provides you a single source of truth for all deal models as opposed to several versions of various spreadsheets. Insights and alerts run on these models to provide an end-to-end solution for your desk.

How it works


Deal modeling

  • Model any complex structured finance transaction on to the Alterest platform. Configure eligibility criteria and concentration limits.
  • Use the data repository module to ingest various data pools into standardised templates to enable instant analytics helping massively in speed during deal evaluation and setup.


Borrowing base optimisation

  • Ensure eligible pools are selected to optimise for borrowing base and minimise excess concentration.
  • Have flexibility on how borrowing base is decided or selected. Customise your own methods or use ours.


Waterfall setup

  • Flexible setup of waterfall principal, interest, premiums, fees and other payments to creditors, investors, insurers, service providers and others.
  • Configure all required inputs beyond pool data such as SPV accounts information and 3rd-party fees for complete view of upcoming payments.


Data trustee

  • Along with Alterest’s data repository and waterfall calculation capabilities can satisfy the most-complex of multiclass structures.
  • Satisfy trustee requirements related to data including systematic data collection, analytics, reporting, submissions and transparency.


Gain & Share Insights

  • Use standardised dashboard templates or create custom ones by using a fully click-based, drag-and-drop dashboarding feature.
  • Automate covenant monitoring with alerts and enable workflows for optimal operations.
  • Share live dashboards with internal or external stakeholders, including with your borrowers or investors.

Who is it for

  • Bring operational efficiency to corporate and structured finance desks.
  • Eliminate hidden losses arising from spreadsheet-based infrastructure.
  • Add value to your warehouse borrowers through Alterest client portals.
Funds & Asset Managers
  • Keep head-count low, eliminate need for extensive IT and quant build-out.
  • Set up templates to enable fast deal screening.
  • Scale your portfolio without scaling tech costs.
  • Give your clients a portal to upload quality data and instantly see dashboards.
  • Set up templates that enable you run deals quickly.
  • Provide potential investors ultimate comfort around reporting obligations. 
  • Create a win-win situation for your clients and investors. 
  • Automate covenant maintenance and monitoring.
  • Accurate bond-level analytics derived from clean loan-level data.
  • Rich cashflow-level historical data repository.
  • Modernise investor and stakeholder communications.
Originators & Servicers
  • Optimise borrowing base and thus cost of capital.
  • Easily satisfy information covenants.
  • Move away from clunky Excel spreadsheets.

Key advantages

Zero Spreadsheet Risk
Eliminate fragility that result in hidden losses, sub-optimal borrowing bases, and untraceable errors.
Zero Operational Risk
Fully auditable solution through deal model versioning and data lineage.
Cost Optimisation
Plug-and-play solution. Minimise cost, delays and key persons’ risk that comes with IT and quant teams whether in-house or outsourced.
Time Optimisation
Speed up deal execution whether you are evaluating as a funder or raising funds as an originator or advisor.
Better Communication
No more Excel models over email. Leverage a modern collaborative cloud platform from deal setup to on-going monitoring.
Empowered Front-Office
Super-charge your front-office, origination and portfolio management teams by enabling them with a modern toolkit.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We have highly complex and bespoke deals, how do you support this?
We have modeled all deals of entire structured finance desks and are confident in saying that Alterest’s modeling layer is flexible enough to configure any term-sheet of a deal, no matter how bespoke. 
How easy is to migrate from Excel speadsheets to Alterest?
Alterest provides easy-to-use, distinct modules from data feeds, to modeling, to dashboarding. Migration is quick and we provide as much support as you need for this to happen without burdening your internal resources. 
Is significant training required?
Alterest features multiple components and abstracts the use of it’s platform into intuitive user-interfaces along with a customisable wizard-like workflow functionality. Users of the platform simply need to get accustomed to their workflows. Power-users have the option to go deeper but not always required.
I have a team building and maintaining this, why should I consider Alterest?
If you want to reduce costs, lower burden on in-house teams, empower your users, mitigate operational risks, then Alterest is the way forward. See our Build-vs-Buy and ROI sections to learn more about this.
Can we configure things like accelerated priority of payments?
Yes, the flexible modeling layer enables not only simple waterfall computations but also complex, multi-structured, conditional cash flow computations.

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