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Establish ultimate investor confidence, raise funds sooner, gear-up for capital markets and comply with transparency regulations.

Who is it for

Fintech Lending Platforms
Fintech Lending Platforms
Non-bank Lenders
Non-bank Lenders
Online Lenders
Online Lenders



Ultimate Investor Confidence

  • Alterest is a trusted 3rd party loan data repository with a powerful analytics engine. This signals best-in-class data processes to your investors.
  • Share live, real-time dashboards with relevant and deal-specific analytics with investors.
  • Close funding sooner, deliver effortlessly on information covenants.
  • Gear-up and transition seamless to capital markets.


Transparency, Standards and Regulation

  • Easy to be transparent to your investors and meet any regulations or standards whether forward-flow, fund investment, securitization or SPV.
  • Alterest continues to support your journey from having small investors providing high-cost capital all the way to capital markets.
  • Comply with securitisation reporting requirements and transparency regulations without upfront costs or effort.


Simplicity and Operational Efficiency

  • Use intelligent wrangling to effortlessly combine and transform any loan tape and related data into a market standard. 
  • Optimise borrowing base and thus cost of capital. 
  • Configure deals on all types and asset classes bringing scalability to the business unit.
  • Set up workflows to lower the cost of internal processes while bringing in additional accuracy.


Minimise Time to Raise Capital

  • Once integrated, investor disclosure is simplified. No more messy Excel sheets and error-prone servicer reports!
  • Share live, real-time dashboards to your loan book to potential investors with all the relevant metrics and enable them to conduct due diligence swiftly.


Zero-distraction Technology

  • Let your IT team build technology and IP for your lending business where it matters.
  • Leverage Alterest for all reporting needs and eliminate involvement of IT and quant teams.
  • Go beyond spreadsheets while showcasing loan-level data and performance (historical and ongoing) of clients to prospective investors.
Why now

Opportunities in ABS and platform lending

Platform and Originator Value Pyramid
  • Platform and Originator Value Pyramid

  • Investors are hunting for yield. ABS and private credit transactions are attractive.
  • The important aspects that add value to your origination and servicing business are your loan books and cash position, quality and depth of your origination channels, specialisation and your IP.
  • Reporting to investors adds value in having a strong cash position and access to funds. Don’t build this yourself, instead use best-in-class tools provided by Alterest and focus on developing your origination channels, specialisation and intellectual property. 
Why now


Beyond excel

Avoid all the pitfalls of using spreadsheets for loan-level data, transaction modeling and sharing of information. Avoid the risk and unwanted complications associated with fragile spreadsheet-based portfolio management. Alterest is a modern system for asset-level data collaboration and analytics no matter the size or granularity of the collateral pool.


With the all-in-all nature of the Alterest platform, your team will be able to close more deals while creating a win-win situation for both sell side and buy side. 

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