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Multi-Stakeholder Workflows

Create workflows to seamlessly migrate your team’s activities to Alterest. Workflows can be as common as upload loan-data -> assess data quality -> set up eligibility and concentrations -> assess portfolio. Users do not have to learn the whole platform, simply the part of the workflow they are responsible for. This enables quick and low cost transition to a modern system.

How it works


Multi-Stakeholder Communication

  • Model any complex structured finance transaction on to the Alterest platform. Configure eligibility criteria and concentration limits.
  • Use the data repository module to ingest various data pools into standardised templates to enable instant analytics helping massively in speed during deal evaluation and setup.



  • Combine data submission, data request and dashboard sharing steps into simple, sequential workflows.
  • Translate complex, conditional tasks into straightforward, wizard-like steps for internal or external stakeholders to interact with.



  • Automate as much of the workflows as possible combining all alerts feature.
  • Speed up regular, time-consuming processes while introducing more accuracy and control.

Who is it for

  • Bring operational efficiency to corporate and structured finance desks.
  • Eliminate hidden losses arising from spreadsheet and email oriented workflows.
  • Add value to your warehouse borrowers by sharing live dashboards for clients to see state of borrowing-base.
  • Avoid risking data leaks around emailing pool data.
Funds & Asset Managers
  • Share real-time, interactive dashboards with servicers, clients and other parties of the deal.
  • Eliminate hidden losses arising from spreadsheet and email oriented workflows.
  • Demonstrate to borrowers that you have best-in-class technology and security.
  • Give your clients a portal to upload quality data and instantly see dashboards and interact with the pools.
  • Set up workflows that enable you close deals quickly.
  • Create a win-win situation for your clients and investors. 
  • Automate covenant maintenance and monitoring into streamlined workflows.
  • Modernise investor and stakeholder communications.
  • Leverage workflows to streamline internal processes around data, reporting.
Originators & Servicers
  • Set up workflows to lower the cost of internal processes while bringing in additional accuracy.
  • Move away from clunky Excel spreadsheets and servicer reports.
  • Demonstrate to investors and funders usage of best-in-class technology and transparency.

Key advantages

Better Communication
Modern user experience for all stakeholders via sharing of real-time, interactive dashboards.
Complex multi-stakeholder processes are distilled to straightforward workflows.
Effortless transparency requirements for regulators to investors without compromising on time, cost, accuracy or security.
Audited and authenticated access to individual users fully controlled by you.
Higher Confidence and Trust
Real-time, detailed, loan-level and portfolio-level views to stakeholders establishes confidence and trust to complete due diligence and close deals sooner.
Time and Cost Optimisation
Straightforward workflows, automation imply reduce time and cost.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I set up workflows with external parties?
Yes. Granular, role-based access under your control enables you to share with whitelisted external parties.
What can be shared with servicers and portfolio clients?
Yes. You can request data from servicers and originators and provide real-time view into the borrowing base along with surrounding metrics to clients.
How is this better than emailing my investors a spreadsheet on a monthly basis?
Emailing spreadsheets is simply error-prone and archaic. It is easy for your team to send bad or stale data. Auditing issues with loan-level data is impossible and usually swept under the rug. It is clunky, inconvenient and expensive for investors to consume this data. The market is adopting technology to improve investor communication and transparency.
Why should I configure workflows?
A complex set of steps can be sequentially laid out and different users can be assigned responsibility to interact with one or more steps. Users do not have to be trained on the entire system but simply follow a wizard-like workflow. This keeps costs low, processes efficient and migration to a modern system seamless.
Can workflows be automated?
Yes. From data inputs, to computations, to stakeholder communications and alerting can be automated. Take action only when absolutely necessary.

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