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AI-Powered Data Repository

Alterest intelligently interprets, aggregates and provides insights on any type of asset/loan-level data irrespective of the template or file-type used which you can override. Centralising granular data from various maket participants or spreadsheets is easy - simply upload.

How it works


Submit, Upload or Request

  • Submit asset-level data to stakeholders like investors and regulators in a secure and controlled manner.
  • Upload data received through servicer and portfolio reports.
  • Request data from your portfolio companies. Make it easy for them to comply to highest-quality of data delivery by using the platform.


Intelligent Wrangling

  • Leverage the platform’s AI-capabilities to effortlessly prepare the required template for submission or analytics. Feed CSV, Excel, XML or JSON files, and quickly move on to analytics by leaving the heavy lifting of data wrangling and cleaning to the platform.
  • Quality of data is assured through 100s of hard and soft pre-configured and customisable checks.


Public & Private repositories

  • Alterest acts as a public repository for loan data under the STS and ECB requirements. Comply with regulations with ECB, ESMA, BOE by submitting data to our repository.
  • Alterset can act as a data trustee in deals. You can create private repositories of loan-level and any other deal data visible strictly to one or more groups of stakeholders. Provide them access to a live, real-time and interactive dashboards to use the data you submit.


Gain Insights

  • Instantly access a full range of analytics covering origination, performance and risk metrics.
  • Rely on the platform for covenant monitoring, alerting and anomaly detection.

Who is it for

Fintech and Non-bank Originators
  • Build ultimate investor confidence.
  • Close funding sooner, deliver effortlessly on information covenants.
  • Gear-up for capital markets.
  • Adhere to regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Minimise time & effort spent on capital relief workflows.
  • Get highest-quality data from for your warehouse lending unit.
Investors and Funders
  • Get accurate, error-free asset-level data from originators and servicers.
  • Perform thorough due diligence faster.
  • Understand risk, monitor covenants, manage portfolio.
  • Systematic and automated loan-level data collection.
  • Secure, compliant private data repository with analytics.
  • Data repository with waterfall calculation capabilities provide 360 degree coverage.
  • Simplify data submission for market participants.
  • Airtight market monitoring.
  • Technology efficiency.

Key advantages

Leverage AI and analytics features.                       
Visibility to the row-level along with data lineage functionality.
Risk Mitigation
Benefit from a single source rather than several spreadsheets.
Single, cloud-based and collaborative platform.
No Compromises
Comply with convenience without compromising on data security standards.
Ultimate Confidence
Establish unbeatable confidence through highest-level of data quality process. Technology, transparency and trust.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How secure is it?
  • There is nothing more important at Alterest than data security. We are and have been ISO 27001 certified since we began trading. We comply with GDPR and use SOC2 compliant resources to store data.
  • Our platform is already used by banks and asset managers in EU and globally to store and analyse sensitive portfolio data.
  • We can undergo all required data due-diligence and infosec onboarding required by your company. Get in touch with us to learn more.
Does it support any regulations?
Yes. Alterest data repositories are specifically designed and developed to support various regulations in EU and globally, including STS and ECB requirements for securitisation data repositories.
What asset classes are supported?
We support all asset classes, with the primary ones being SME Loans, Trade Receivables, Invoices, Leases, Consumer Unsecured, Auto Loans, Mortgages, Residential and Commercial Real Estate, covering performing pools, non-performing pools (NPLs) and CLOs.
What templates are supported?
ECB, ESMA and BOE templates are supported. You can also configure custom templates to receive data into or submit data to. Alterest expects to be authorised by ESMA and FCA in the near future.
Who owns the data?
  • Ownership of data in private repositories are owned by the data provider. Data you submit to your stakeholders are governed by the ownership structures you have established with those stakeholders. Alterest is an simply a technology enabler, we do not own your data.
  • Ownership of data submitted into public repositories are governed by the applicable regulations.
How long does it stay on the cloud?
Alterest typically provides up to 7 years data retention option. However, you have the option to permanently remove data from Alterest at any time. All inferred computations and metrics are also rolled-back.
What are the ways to access the data and analytics?
Alterest provides a full-fleged, no-code way of accessing analytics, slicing and dicing data, performing various stratifications and assessments.

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