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Create a win-win situation for your clients and funders.

Who is it for

Debt Advisory
Debt Advisory
Corporate Finance Advisory
Corporate Finance Advisory
Specialty Finance Advisory
Specialty Finance Advisory



Operational Efficiency

  • Set up workflows that enable you to close deals efficiently.
  • Migrate from a manual spreadsheet oriented process to a seamless, modern collaborative cloud platform.


Value to Sell Side

  • Customise pre-set data data quality rules to help sell side prepare loan pool data efficiently.
  • Enable easy submission of data and visualisation of analytics.
  • Provide value to clients by exposing them to a modern toolkit that enables them to satisfy data transparency regulatory requirements at least time and cost.


Value to Buy Side

  • Leverage sharable access to live, real-time dashboards with potential investors during the fund raising process.
  • Provide confidence to investors that the data reported will be available through regulatory-grade repositories.


Best-in-class Technology

  • Give your analysts the tool to reduce several days of work down to a few hours.
  • Go beyond spreadsheets while showcasing loan-level data and performance (historical and ongoing) of clients to prospective investors.
Why now

Opportunities In Private Credit Markets


Alterest provides the technology required to discover and manage opportunities in non-bank lending and private credit markets which have boomed as a result of the global financial crisis and the ensuing regulations on banks. 

Technology Evolution

Alterest’s products enable advisories to gather, centralise, analyse and help fund loan pools from online lenders, marketplace lending platforms and fintech originators.

Why now


Beyond excel

Avoid all the pitfalls of using spreadsheets for loan-level data, transaction modeling and sharing of information. Avoid the risk and unwanted complications associated with fragile spreadsheet-based portfolio management. Alterest is a modern system for asset-level data collaboration and analytics no matter the size or granularity of the collateral pool.


With the all-in-all nature of the Alterest platform, your team will be able to close more deals while creating a win-win situation for both sell side and buy side. 

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