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Regulatory Compliance & Transparency

Push structured marked-up data to and share dashboards with internal or external stakeholders. Whether this is for investors to have transparent, real time visibility on loan-books or banks to comply with data transparency with regional regulators, Alterest makes data flows simple for all participants.

How it works



  • Leverage the platform’s AI-capabilities to effortlessly prepare the required template for submission or analytics. Feed SQL, SFTP, CSV, Excel, XML or JSON files, and quickly move on to analytics by leaving the heavy lifting of data wrangling and cleaning to the platform.



  • Quality of data is assured through 100s of hard and soft pre-configured and customisable checks.



  • Transform the data from incoming CSV, Excel, XML, JSON into standardised XML (or other) required by the regulators.
  • Comply without changing your internal systems.



  • Set up time-based or action-based data push to regulators or investors.
  • Leverage Alterest’s SFTP output capabilities to provide regulators or investors an endpoint to full data from.

Who is it for

Banks & Issuers
  • Comply with reporting requirements and transparency regulations without upfront costs or effort.
  • Leverage Alterest’s features to eliminate involvement of IT and quant teams.
Funds & Investors
  • Access and query reported data programmatically or through visual portal.
  • Use data on deals you hold positions in and peer data for benchmarking and research.
  • Leverage SFTP portals or use the visual portal to access and query reported data.
  • Set up alerts and automate other monitoring activities.
  • Provide value to your clients by exposing them to a modern toolkit that enables them to satisfy data transparency regulatory requirements at least time and cost.
  • Provide confidence to investors that the data reported will be available in regulatory-grade repositories.
  • Create a win-win situation for your clients and investors. 

Key advantages

Comply without altering internal systems.             
Ensure quality through hard and soft checks.    
Combine automated data feeds and alerts to ensure accurate data submission without human errors.
Auditable view on changes to incoming feeds and template.
Data Lineage
Capture data lineage to understand changes in the data submission pipeline.
Controlled access to same standardised data to stakeholders other than regulators (internal or external.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What regulations are to be supported?
Regulation (EU) 2017/2402 of the European Parliament, STS (simple, transparent and standardised securitisation), UK onshored Securitisation Regulation.
We have other submission requirements, will you be able to provide this?
Yes. With private repositories, any bespoke templates and requirements can be satisfied.
How secure is the Alterest platform?
  • There is nothing more important at Alterest than data security. We are and have been ISO 27001 certified since we began trading. We comply with GDPR and use SOC2 compliant resources to store data.
  • Our platform is already used by banks and asset managers in EU and globally to store and analyse sensitive portfolio data.
  • We can undergo all required data due-diligence and infosec onboarding required by your company. Get in touch with us to Learn more.

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