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Turbo-charge your front-office and unburden your back-office.

Who is it for

lending finance
Structured Finance Teams
banking software companies
Specialty Finance Teams
peer to peer lenders
Fintech and Warehouse Lenders
regulatory compliance consulting
Securitization Desks
Originate-To-Distribute   Teams



Balance Sheet Optimisation
  • Swift, secure pool data sharing with buyside
  • Support significant risk transfer (SRT) and capital relief transfer (CRT) trades.


Loan-level Look-through
  • Get highest-quality collateral data through Alterest to enable accurate computation of exposure to any single borrower across multiple lending facilities.


Credit Facility Monitoring
  • Centralised monitoring on all facilities in one place.
  • Add value to your warehouse borrowers through Alterest client portals.


Transparency Regulations Compliance
  • Comply with reporting requirements and transparency regulations without upfront costs or effort.
  • Reporting to STS templates by ESMA is made simple through intelligent data wrangling.


Zero Spreadsheet and Email Risk
  • Migrate to a modern workflow platform that does not involve spreadsheet mess.
  • Avoid risking data leaks around emailing pool data.


Optimised Costs          
  • Leverage Alterest’s features to eliminate involvement of IT and quant teams.
  • Bring operational efficiency to corporate and structured finance desks.
Why now


STS (Simple, Transparent and Standardised) Securitisations

Comply with transparency requirements with ultimate ease. Leverage Alterest’s AI-Powered repository module to bring data seamlessly and use the Multi-Stakeholder module to share data with all stakeholders on a regular or adhoc basis.

CRR (Capital Requirements Regulation) Compliance

In addition to STS, use of the Alterest platform easily enables aggregation of underlying exposures from multiple facilities and transactions to accurately use look-through approaches by identifying and merging end-borrowers on loan pools.

Why now


Beyond excel

Avoid all the pitfalls of using spreadsheets for loan-level data, transaction modeling and sharing of information. Avoid the risk and fines associated with fragile spreadsheet-based infrastructure. Alterest is a modern system for asset-level data collaboration and analytics no matter the size or granularity of the collateral pool.


With the all-in-all nature of the Alterest platform, you’re able to move over entire workflow of your team and external parties such as borrowers onto a seamless platform. With Alterest, all participants get access to a shared workspace controlled by customisable workflows for interaction around data and documents. 

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